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Company Vision

Zuri’s Dream was founded upon the love and appreciation we have for haircare, fashion and art.  We wanted to express that love through the products we create that represent the everyday people we encounter throughout life. 

With the passion we have for helping others, Zuri’s Dream’s promise is to provide families with the tools necessary to sustain a healthy lifestyle through self care.  We strive to provide the best quality products that satisfy your beauty needs while not breaking the bank.  Our products cater to children as well to teach them how to care for themselves naturally which will improve their self esteem.

“Zuri” is the Swahili name for beautiful, which is the feeling we want customers to have after using our products.  When you purchase products from us you essentially own a part of “Zuri’s Dream” where you will feel comfy, relaxed and stylish.  We create all of our products for you to represent our brand in your own unique way. 

Thank you for BELIEVING in and SUPPORTING Zuri’s Dream. 

“Beauty is on the inside of you, outside of you, along with all you see with your eyes.” 


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