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The Benefits of Wearing a Satin Bonnet

December, 7, 2020

Photo: Zuri’s Dream “RETRO KENTE” Bonnet

Satin bonnets are an essential accessory for maintaining healthy hair.  They have been widely used throughout the natural hair community and are highly recommended by hair stylists and beauty influencers.

Zuri’s Dream Satin Bonnets were created with style to provide protection to your tresses while you sleep and during your daily activities.  They are available in various patterns for adults, teenagers and even small children, including infants and toddlers.

Here are some benefits of wearing a satin bonnet:

  • They preserve your hairstyles whether you are wearing box braids or rocking your natural curls.
  • The satin lining assists in keeping your hair from losing moisture throughout the day and while you sleep at night.
  • They prevent breakage that can be caused by sleeping on a cotton pillowcase. 
  • They prevent your hair from tangling when you toss and turn at night.
  • They prevent friction while you sleep to reduce frizz and split ends.
  • They prevent hair oils and hair products from being absorbed by your pillowcase which reduces acne and breakouts.

Protecting your hair will make your hair more manageable, alleviating the stress of having to style your hair everyday.  Wearing a satin bonnet will also reduce the need to apply more products to your hair, therefore preserving your hair products that can be costly.  If you’re having a hard time retaining length on your natural hair and achieving your natural hair goals, not wearing a satin bonnet could be hindering your progress.  You should always wear your satin bonnet to bed no matter your hair type or hairstyle.

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